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An exploration of living

a sophisticated lifestyle.

The company was founded in Stockholm in 2018 with a clear vision of encouraging admirable fashion consciousness around the world, starting in web retail with its online store, which depicts the Collarson world through e-commerce. Its timeless and subtle designs celebrates excellent craftsmanship through a classic visual language of minimalism. The aesthetic paradigm is characterized by a sober approach to materials and colors, the humble elegance of Collarson is a range of possibilities, a lifestyle with a self-aware spirit.

Collarson momentarily offers a single product, magnetic collar stays, a premium line accessory attracting the collar flaps of men's dress shirts with natural elegance.

The name Collarson naturally expresses collar ...stays ...on. However, with a flexible nature open to evolve, the brand may express a different meaning as it grows. Today, Collarson primarily defines the shirt collar for the sophisticated and well dressed.


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